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Clear Communications


Clear Communications Can Provide 3 Tier Technical Help for your Company

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You've met with more people than you have anticipated.

Your time is valuable and you have rigorously defined the direction your department or business should take. So  take this opportunity to find out how I can help you make your IT clients goals happen.

I understand there are a number of ways you can get to success, let our experience in some of America's top firms work for you. Let's talk about your problems and your needs more in depth, perhaps we can help. 

Together we can shape how to accomplish your strategic and tactical goals. One benefit to this process will be further defining the position with clearly identifiable road marks for the goals of:

* Creating, growing, and supporting external and internal communities of companies, employees, and customers.

* Providing results-driven solutions that improve customer outreach and increase enterprise productivity.

* Allowing your internal and external customers to leverage complex technology solutions quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.
* Turning I. T. soft costs into hard dollars.

You probably have more specific and immediate goals and needs. By exchanging information on where you and I. T. want to go, I can begin articulating and planning how I can help take you there.

Our goal is to build a relationship that can serve to solve your problems and advance your position.

As you evaluate other candidates, ask yourself if they have interest in developing a solution-orientated relationship based on a careful evaluation of your IT department's requirements and resources.


Clear Communications

Motorola, ABN AMRO, SBC, LaSalle Banks, European-American Bank, KPMG, GE Railcar, Catholic Health Initiatives, State Governments,Blue Cross and Blue Shield benefited from highly tuned skills put to work to satisfy your employees, customers, suppliers and partners technical questions and requests.

We're responsible for developing and implementing enterprise wide systems for problem determination, problem/incident recording and problem resolution and escalation for the Fortune 1000 firms listed above. Clear Communications has proved experience implementing and developing ordering systems and their support guidelines.

Clear Communications brings years of experience in developing and implementing Call Center procedures, systems and training in the health care, banking and technical industries that developed superior telephone sales and customer service centers responsible for serving internal and external constituencies bringing in sales, building customer and supplier affinity.

Clear Communications can liaise between your customers and your programmers to ensure accurate problem determination and codebase improvement

Clear Communications has demonstrated knowledge of developing and training personnel in departmental policies and procedures. These directly contributed to improved response, reduced cost and measurable returns in customer loyalty and purchases. Clear Communications helps your firm get clear policies and procedures easily implemented.

Clear Communications has years of experience in solving problems on Sun Solaris, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Server 2003 Enterprise as well as Windows Server 2003 Datacenter.

Clear Communications is fluent as well with Windows Server 2008 Standard (32 and 64 bit), Windows Server 2008 Enterprise(32 and 64 bit) and Windows Server 2008 Data Center with equal proficiency.

Take advantage of our advanced troubleshooting skills and amelioration skills for your server and client installations

IBM WebSphere
PC - Mainframe connectivity
EDI processing concepts and techniques
C++/Visual Basic Studio
Sybase, SQL and Oracle Databases
Windows PowerShell and WMI Scripting
Network Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation.
Customer support planning
Windows client operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows VISTA and Windows 7
VPN, remote access and remote server monitoring

Problem reporting and analysis

We design, install and maintain Customer Support and Help Desk Management systems using Remedy, Support Magic or customized problem management softwa
Get help clarifying, prioritizing and allocating problems for solution or referral to appropriate level.
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