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Clear Communications can bring almost 15 years Fortune 100 experience to your firm's network. ClearComUSA network administration includes:

Domain management
directly impacts the structure, growth and efficiency your firm.  Clear Communications can craft  your initial domain structure to reflect your businesses physical, geographical, functional and logical appearance that eases communication and sharing of resources. When your business needs to change, Clear Communications can help your firm zig and zag according to marketplace demands.  Get agile, get Clear Communications.

Active Directory Creation and Administration can keep your organization's intellectual property safe and secure; available only to those who need to know.  Expertise can be searchable across the enterprise by all employees with a good Active Directory design thereby spreading knowledge and empowering all levels of the organization so the tip of your sword points wherever its needed.

Server NOS installs whether your playing field is healthcare, banking, communications or financial Clear Communications can help your server farm stay up with the enterprise business applications that may call for the latest server installation (Microsoft, Novell or UNIX).  Frequently, your line of business applications may require upgrades to service packs. This may impact related software that may not be line of business but still critical to productivity in the support or back office arena.  Clear Communications knows where to make the changes and minimize the impact of these changes so your organization doesn't miss a step.

Legacy to client/server integration is a situation most firms face or will face.  The fast changing software environment means that a line of business application may be orphaned by a closing , buyout or obsolescing of that line of business application by the software providerClear Communications can help that orphaned but productive application fit in as time goes by. 

Messaging server experience can literally keep your business in business, safe from spam, junk mail and adware. Clear Communications can implement a messaging environment that ties your business together, increasing response time to client and customer contacts while meeting retention guidelines Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other legal mandates.  Clear Communications can even make email another source of business intelligence and lead generation.

Account creation and management
means quick starts for new employees and protecting proprietary information and business intelligence when old employees leave.  As your force structure changes, prompt access to necessary information combined with closing doors on no longer necessary information can mean less office politics, rivalries and better employer-employee relations.

Server scripting
by Clear Communications means automation that meets your corporate environment.  Our scripts are easy to implement, easy to modify and well documented.  Testing and implementation is quick and painless because we've been doing it for almost twenty years. 

Policy creation, editing and analysis
lock down your desktops, ensure that only the right people know about your human resources information while everyone still can do their job automatically with a well conceived and well written set of Microsoft, Novell or UNIX policies.  Shape your current information policies to meet new challenges or changes in your market.

Server performance and optimization
can mean savings when compared to the cost of purchasing new servers.  Clear Communications can determine whether you really do need to spend another $100K on new servers.  Clear Communications can implement server virtualization projects that saves you while still using your existing server plant.

Microsoft licensing, state, local and federal regulatory mandates are a prime example of how experienced an experienced Information Technology consultant can ensure your enterprise avoids work stoppage, penalty costs and stays in compliance for ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA guidelines. Clear Communications can provide guidance for implementing a licensing policy that your staff can maintain for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 environments.  We also implement solutions that actively manages activity Windows licensing for automatic client upgrades to virtually all software products running on your firm's desktops.

Administering Windows 2008, NOVELL, UNIX and custom network operating systems is what Clear Communications does.  So if your network isn't Microsoft, don't worry; we can handle it.  If you wish to migrate from one system to another, getting Clear means you have a firm that has extensive experience in your existing platform as well as your destination platform.  You can rest easy knowing that you've got it Clear...Clear Communications USA

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