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How Can Your Company Use Networking as Another Tip of the Sword?
Your company’s sales force spends an increasing amount of time away from the office, in the field, and closer to the customer. In the office your sales people have the advantage of enterprise-wide sales tools to help manage and increase efficiency during the sales cycle, your road warriors may not always be able to benefit from these tools.
Often, at the moment of truth they simply can't establish a connection with the server and make use of critical sales information such as competitive analysis, updated quotes and orders, opportunity information, and product specifications. Without robust and at hand customer and competitor information, salespeople can fall behind or simply miss opportunities and closing sales. 
After the sale, valuable business intelligence is lost simply due to forgetting to record important account information—because it’s too much trouble to reenter all the information into the server-based sales system once they return to the hotel or office. Take advantage of Clear Communications real time and automated remote updating systems that make life eaiser for the home office and the road warrior.
Many companies have adopted robust offline sales application and they do have value despite the high costs related to managing theses systems,  What can your firm do to avoid the hit offline sales applications can impose?
While offline sales applications are a kind of solution,they can place huge burden on the existing IT infrastructure as salespeople connect for updates at random intervals and bog down system response.
They also raise complex installation issues—instead of one application to maintain, IT must manage many replicated copies of the software with matched requisite databases that must be replicated and synchronized to the main sales application database. But the greatest concern often lies with systems that leave sales representatives with incomplete or inaccurate data.
The pain associated with failed customer and sales info synchronization can cause salespeople to abandon that expensive offline corporate sales applications, resulting in inconsistent sales practices and poor communication.  What's the clear solution?  Implementing a wireless broadband sales application integrated with your on site main sales application. How does your firm empower and employ this clear solution? By calling 501-613-7812  Get...

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What about your main offices?  If you're a hospital, a clinic, a manufacturing facility or a suite of offices spanning multiple floors your firm can benefit from wireless networking.  If your firm is just starting out and renting space in a site that doesn't feature pre-wired for networking or features old style 10 Mbps networking speeds, your firm can benefit from wireless networking.  If aesthetic considerations are important for your business, your firm can benefit from wireless networking. 

For onsite wireless implementations, Clear Communications will conduct a site survey that considers your users needs, the workspace your users produce in and the obstacles to wireless signal strength.  Clear Communications considers security paramount in any wireless installation and builds security into every wireless installation according to IEEE standards. We can design 802.11b or 802.11g wireless networks. Want or need more blistering speed? Choose 802.11n wireless networks - bringing you speeds up to forty times faster than 802.11b and ten times faster than 802.11g wireless networks.