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Clear Communications

Office Technology, Document Management, Secretarial and Administrative Technology


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ClearComUSA stands ready to take on a project leadership role in your organization, training others where necessary. Six years of providing office technology for use by Executive Secretaries, Office Managers and administrative personnel means Clear Communications can help with improvements in office procedures. Clear Communications cooperation through teamwork.

Our consultants employ excellent usage of interpersonal skills and teamwork principles. Take advantage of talents and skills developed working with America's Fortune 100 firms.  This experience means you get professional interaction and highly tuned cooperation that exhibits a high degree of dependability; anticipates an executive's needs and demonstrates flexibility in fulfilling their requirements.

Create the Agile Company using Legal Services Technology, Administrative Services Technology or Secretarial Technology; ClearComUSA Can help with Document Management, Database Services or Administrative Technology.


Software Services

Document Management, Database, Spreadsheet and Collaboration Software

  • FORTIS Document Management

  • SUMMATION Document Management

  • OFFICE XP PROFESSIONAL– Certified Microsoft Office Specialists

  • Office Productivity Suites from Microsoft and Sun

  • Windows 7 and Windows Vista

  • ApplixWare Suite for Sun Solaris

  • Microsoft Access Database

  • Microsoft SQL

  • Filemaker Pro Database

  • Oracle

  • ApplixWare Database

  • Microsoft Excel - Spreadsheet Design, Modification and Analysis

Clear Communications Solutions for legal firms provides document management solutions for Chicago and New Orleans' premier legal firms, Federal and state courts.

     For one of New Orleans largest legal service firms, CCUSA wrote Visual Basic code to format Excel spreadsheets used in class action lawsuits for presentation in court.

     For a prestigious legal firm Clear Communications implemented scanning, document preparation and document management procedures

     Clear Communications has proven experience in implementing Summation for document management for use in litigation


Clear Communications implemented a scanning solution for a leading New Orleans' accounting firm that enabled them to extract useful new information to maintain and increase their client base of high yield individuals, small, medium and larger businesses as well as governmental agencies.

       Implemented scanning, document preparation and document management procedures

Clear Communications solutions for Chicago and New Orleans' bond trading, mercantile trading, banking, financial and legal firms. Document management, clearinghouse software and network design, collaboration management, financial settlement for premier governmental, corporate and large institution objectives.

     Document management solutions for legal document retention, correspondence, pleadings, bond documents, millage documents using SUMMATION and FORTIS.

     Procedures development used for elections as mandated by Louisiana and Illinois State Election Commissions

     Coordinated creation and provision of documents necessary to conduct elections across Louisiana between parish officials, police juries, towns, villages and other governing entities. Database maintainance, modification and development for Cook County Justice system.


         Integrated time management, time/task accounting solutions

         Letter template design

         Meeting and event planning software and software integration

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